International Academy (IA) is a kindergarten through 12th grade school that exists to educate the next generation of the world’s leaders, by giving our student’s the tools necessary to succeed in life.
Here at IA we believe in educating the whole student, academically, spiritually and culturally. Our students have gone on to attend universities such as DukePepperdinePurdueWheatonUC BerkeleyYonsei (Korea)Lunds (Sweden) and University of Technology of Vienna. This is the legacy that we have been creating for over twenty years.

The International Academy of St. Petersburg (IA) is committed to providing quality international Christian education in English.

Philosophy of Education

IA educates the whole student based on a foundation of Biblical truth in an international and nurturing environment, developing students spiritually, academically, and culturally.

Core Values of International Academy

International Academy seeks to develop its students in the following areas:


To grow in the love of Jesus Christ and knowledge of Biblical principles that govern their relationships with others; and to apply their faith to the realities of living in the secular world


To establish a passion for learning, and a desire to explore and investigate, using the skills of critical reasoning and creative thinking


To cultivate skills to thrive cross-culturally as they learn to respect, appreciate, and evaluate their own culture, the host culture, and other cultures around the world

The World Classroom

IA offers quality educational services in English using a variety of curriculum sources which include a global perspective. All classes have a small student/teacher ratio. IA concentrates on core courses while at the same time offering a variety of electives that may include Model UN, Art, Band, Choir, and Graphic Design. IA students have come from several countries, including Canada, England, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, South Africa, USA, and Ukraine. Many of these same countries are represented by our English-speaking staff.


IA offers a variety of team sports for middle-school and high-school students including soccer, volleyball and basketball. Our team has traveled to places such as Moscow and Budapest to compete in tournaments. Students are taught good sportsmanship and that winning is not everything.


IA students and teachers enjoy and appreciate the performing arts. Each year IA performs two large concerts during Christmas and Spring. Other performances are put on throughout the year by specific classes. Recently IA has begun a tradition to hold a Shakespeare Night in the early spring, performances made by the English Literature class.


St. Petersburg is known for its deep historical and cultural roots dating back to its founding by Peter the Great in 1703. As a part of its educational process IA takes its students on field trips to places like the Hermitage (Winter Palace), Russian Museum, and St. Isaacs Cathedral. World class cultural sites aid our classroom instruction be providing real world examples that students are studying.

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